Migratory Cultures

Migratory Cultures is a site-specific video projection mapping and documentary video project. Artists Robin Lasser and G.Craig Hobbs team with Bay Area and Bangalore partners to connect regional experiences of immigration with stories from around the world. The temporary installation features outdoor video mapped projections onto Civic Center Bart/UN Plaza exit walls in downtown San Francisco, California. Imagery includes portraits of 15 immigration stories as told by Bay Area residents representing 14 unique countries, including stories from San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Watsonville, Berkeley, and Marin County. Countries of origin: India, Mongolia, Russia, Mexico, Bosnia, Pakistan, Japan, Vietnam, Germany, Ethiopia, Mexico, Latin America, Yemen, Iran, and France.

Bird Migration Flush_ video mapped onto _Urban Handball Courts_IMG_7884

Participating Artists and Organizations in the Migratory Cultures Video Projection Mapping Project

Professor Robin Lasser
San José State University
College of the Humanities and the Arts
Photography Program

Professor G. Craig Hobbs
San José State University
College of the Humanities and the Arts
Digital Media Art Program

Professor Arzu Mistry
Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore India
Center for Education, Research, Training and Development

Carmina Eliason
Artist and SJSU Photo Graduate Student
Pajaro Valley Art Gallery Project Coordinator

Shivani Aurora 
Artist and SJSU Digital Media Art Graduate Student
Social Media Coordinator
Projection Assistant

Project Contact:


Enkh-Amar_migration stories_video mapped onto urban handball courts