Bangalore, India 2016-17

Artists Robin Lasser and G.Craig Hobbs collaborated with Bangalore partners to document and exhibit photographs and video projection mapped stories of migrations from the city of  Bangalore, India.

Their collaborative project, Migratory Cultures, a site-specific video projection mapping and documentary photography project addressing the topic of immigration was featured in the Srishti Institute Art in Transit exhibition at Cubbon Park Metro Station as invited artists-in-residence at the Srishti Institue of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India.

The work was generously funded through grants from SJSU RSCA and the US Embassy in Chennai, India, and produced in partnership with students from Srishti Institute.

Lasser and Hobbs also exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore, with 3rd Space Lab featuring Social Weavers, a project created in partnership with weavers from the town of Gajendragada in the Gadag district of Karnataka, India.



Artists and Organizations

Professor Robin Lasser
San José State University
College of the Humanities and the Arts

Professor G. Craig Hobbs
San José State University
College of the Humanities and the Arts
Digital Media Art

Professor Arzu Mistry
Team Lead
Art in Transit Bangalore
Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore India
Center for Education, Research, Training and Development