Immigration: Borders, Boundaries, Beginnings
March 20th, 2016 @ dusk (7:30pm)
Pajaro Valley Art Gallery
Handball Court
Watsonville, CA

Different regions attract different people for different reasons at different times. The Bay Area has attracted a diversity of immigrants for decades. Viewers witnessed 3D video projection mapped moving portraits of unique migration narratives including stories from Watsonville and San Jose (SJSU) These site-specific video installations include recordings of immigration stories as told by community members of Watsonville joining other stories from around the world. Fifteen powerful stories told by immigrants from 12 countries are included in the film that collages portraits with imagery of our shared global commons, sky and water.

The event was part of Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery’s exhibit entitled, “Immigration: Borders, Boundaries, and Beginnings” On March 18th and March 20th our team spent a moving and inspiring weekend in Watsonville sharing our most recent work. Our project’s participants had a chance to meet each other and were supported by family and friends. After the showing of the event, participants were invited to speak into the microphone and reflect on the night’s events. Veronica, a daughter of one of our participants read an incredibly moving poem in honor of her father.

This ephemeral two-night display in Watsonville is part of a larger series of works as part of the international collaborative project Migratory Cultures

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